EPinOZ 2022

The third annual meeting of the Australasian Society for Human Behaviour and Evolution will be held on:


25th November, 2022


Some key details:

Start Time: 10am AEDT

Location: UNSW Business School, Kensington Campus, Sydney (K-E12-105, see here)

Dinner: Doncaster Hotel @6pm (FREE for all in person attendees)


The meeting will be held in Room 105, in the UNSW Business School, Kensington Campus, Sydney (K-E12-105, see here), and is jointly supported by UNSW and Charles Sturt University.  We will welcome both in-person and remote attendees and presenters.


We welcome presentations from any field related to the study of human behaviour from an evolutionary perspective (including evolutionary psychology, anthropology, and behavioural ecology, including from presenters working on non-human species, with direct implications for understanding the evolution of human behaviour).


Registration will be FREE for all attendees, whether in-person or remote, and whether presenting or not. Time slots for talks are nominally 15 minutes (although this is subject to change pending demand).


Register your online attendance here. You will be sent a Teams invite and password ahead of the event.


Schedule of Talks





10.00 - 10.15

Registration and set up

10.20 - 10.45

Surprise talk!

Wait and see!

10.45 - 11.10

Melinda Williams

Instagratification: The use of social media as an intrasexual competitive strategy in women

11.10 - 11.35

David M. G. Lewis


11.35 - 12.00

Nick McFadyen

Impacts of early life stress on adult cognition: adaptive responses to threat?

12.00 - 12.40

Chris Jackson

The Free Energy Principle, Markov Blankets and meta-theories of personality in understanding life’s behavior across the universe: Towards a new discipline of astropsychology

12.40 - 1.30


1.30 - 1.55

Eva Tzschaschel

The valence-dominance model applies to body perception

1.55 - 2.20

Adam Bode

The theory of co-opting mother-infant bonding explains the mechanisms of romantic love

2.20 - 2.40

Karen Griffith

Contextual threat and the detection of safety-related stimuli in visual search tasks

2.40 - 2.55

Douglas Roy

Three models for the evolutionary basis of human personality

2.55 - 3.15

Afternoon Tea


3.15 - 4.10

President’s Plenary

Off with her hair and out with her fallopian tubes! Female intrasexual competition, some data and musings - Dani Sulikowski


Øivind Schøyen

A simple game structuring survey of evolutionary origins of human altruism

4.30 - 5.00

Jacob Dye

The pit-fall of cat-calls: Objectification, perceived threat, and safety anxiety


Dani Sulikowski

Closing remarks

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